Some information on insuring pit vehicles

NHRA just announced that they’ll offer $300,000 in liability coverage for pit vehicles for $50 per year.  On the face of it, that’s a pretty good deal; in fact I don’t think any private insurance company will offer coverage for that low of a rate.  However, if you have your own policy for this coverage, you may have important coverages that NHRA doesn’t offer. 

First, most separate policies cover your vehicle whereever it is used, not just a covered NHRA event.  If you go camping, or even use the vehicle at the track on a non-race day, you’ll only have coverage if you have your own insurance.

Two, for the most part the coverage won’t apply to occupants of the pit vehicle.  Uninsured motorists coverage covers bodily injury to you, family members, and occupants if you’re hit by someone with no insurance, or less coverage than you.  Medical payments covers the same parties, regardless of fault.  Both of these coverages can be important if someone is hurt.

Three, the NHRA policy provides no coverage for the vehicle itself.  That can be covered under a separate policy or it can be covered (as many are) on a dragracersinsurance policy along with your race car and trailer.

While its hard to generalize, the company I use for insuring the pit vehicle liability is Progressive, and most of the policies I have placed with them for pit vehicles are $75 per year. Other companies that may write these policies are Foremost, Geico, and American Modern.  My advice would be get at least one quote other than the NHRA option, look at the coverage differences, and decide what is best for you.  Remember that price is important, but is not the end-all; the purpose of insurance is to cover the losses that matter to you.


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  1. Suzanne Bell says:

    The cost of the policy provided by NHRA is $40. The tracks reap no benefit from this at all as it is directly paid through to NHRA. The $10 is to cover the cost of the registration which for someone who has a policy already in place and can provide a written proof at time of registration, this is the only cost incurred. Unfortunately, unless whomever is registering the pit vehicle has a valid policy in hand, the cost of a pit vehicle registration will be $10 PLUS an additional $40 for the insurance.

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