Great Expectations – Great Results

I had a very exciting day on June 24th.  I was working doing announcing at the Lebanon Valley Divisional race, and I saw a number of my clients getting into final rounds.  The first one was Eric Lourie, who won TAFC on Saturday (for the second year in a row).  On Sunday, Art Gardner won his first ever Super Street final, followed by Anthony Fetch in Stock, Matt Schurman in Super Gas, and finally my old friend Kent Hanley in Super Comp.  That’s five Wallys! 

Two weeks later at the Jegs Allstar race in Chicago, five clients were there as well:  Eric Lourie as the TAFC Blocker, Mike Sawyer (SG), Joe Santangelo (SS), my old buddy from New England Dragway Justin Mason (SC), and Billy Russell in Top Dragster.  I was very happy for all my clients and friends; just about as happy as if I were going there myself. 

I started to wonder why so many top racers happen to be my clients.  After all, race car insurance is a good thing, but it doesn’t lower your ET by even .001, and it doesn’t make you more consistent, either, or prevent stuff from breaking.  I think the answer is explained by looking at what makes a racer sucessful at this (or any) level.

One thing I was taught early on in my career is that you can’t win if you aren’t prepared, both mentally and physically.   I learned that quality parts are cheaper in the long run, because they don’t break as much and don’t cost you rounds.  When you come up to race, your mind has to be focused entirely on your procedure; you can’t be worrying about the car breaking, or how or if you’ll make it home.  And especially when you travel distances to race, you first have to make it to the race track in one piece, and have everything with you that you need to compete effectively.

 All these sucessful racers didn’t just get where they are by luck or by having one ‘hot’ year; they all earned their titles and their points, most over the course of many years of racing and learning.  Preparation isn’t just having a good car or a good tuneup; its in the attention to detail, like having your trailer tires properly inflated, and having all your lights working.   Insurance is just one more detail these racers take to protect their investments from the ravages of the road and mother nature, and even plain bad luck (because losses can happen at home, even over the winter).  They want not just the protection, but also the peace of mind coverage gives them so they can concentrate on the real reason we do all this…winning rounds, and winning races.  Trophies, money, and win lights. 

So to all my friends and clients all over the Nation, good job, and continued good luck.  Keep it up, and I enjoy hearing about all your success.

Wild Bill


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