Be careful out there!

We pay many types of losses each year.  We are often surprised by what sometimes happens to our customer’s racing equipment.  One cause of loss that never goes away is theft of equipment.  No doubt about it; racing stuff is very attractive to theives.  There is a big secondary market for much of what we have and too many buyers who won’t question a bargain that’s too good to be true.  In the process a lot of hard work and detail gets tossed in the gutter.  Its sad, and infuriating.

As always, the basics of preventing theft claims don’t change.  First, never let your guard down.  At home, on the road, at the track….always be cautious and use safeguards.  Second, be a little paranoid.  If you think someone is following you or someone is casing you, they ARE.  Don’t ignore it, call the police, and take extra precautions.  Also, the more difficult you can make it for the thieves, the more likely they are to bother someone ELSE.  What they are doing is illegal and has the potentential for serious jail time, and they know it.  They don’t want to get caught, and that means not hanging around.

Its not always so dark and serious.  I’ll tell you about one of the funniest claims we ever had.  A client went racing with his Dad, who was about 70 at the time.  At the end of the day, the car (a foot brake door car) was parked at the base of the trailer ramp.  The son needed the license plate number, and asked his Dad to get it.  Well, Dad couldn’t lift the ramp because the car was blocking it, so decided the easy answer was to just move the car a wee bit.

Someone who was there described the black streaks that went up the ramp and through the trailer.  Dad wasn’t used to a high stall converter, and gave it a little too much gas.  He came out the front of the trailer!

Yes, folks, that was a covered loss.  Fortunately, Dad wasn’t hurt, and his son and I basically laugh at each other whenever he calls me because the recall of this incident is just so damned funny for us. 

It goes to show, you never can tell.



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