The darkest hour

Racing starts here in six weeks. Right. Whatever you say. Hard to even think the thought with five feet of snow on the ground and freezing rain falling from the sky. A lot of people ask me about suspending coverage on their race car during the winter. Like, nothing can happen to the stuff in the middle of the winter. Or, can it?
Yes, losses can and do happen in weather like this. Some examples: the car’s garage can catch on fire. Most policies that cover the garage won’t cover the cars and car parts inside, especially homeowners policies. Also, the snow can make roofs collapse, whether it be trailer or garage roofs. One year, we had a trailer severely damanged when a neighbor using a snowblower blew a bunch of icy, rocky snow into the side of the trailer! And of course, winter makes it easier for some thieves, as people are more reluctant to check their property if you have to get COLD to do it! Also, the icy weather can make it easier for a vehicle to collide with a trailer (or building). Last, many cars have work done on them in the winter months; engines are at engine builders, cars can be at body or chassis shops….and away from the security of home. Yep, our race car insurance policy covers ALL the things mentioned here…and more.
So don’t let Old Man Winter lull you into complacency. As a race car owner, you have to be ever vigilant, and always protect what you love against loss. More questions? Give me a call!


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