Summer is no time for slackers!

All over the country, we’re in the heart of racing season.  Even though I’m not racing, between announcing and trying to sell insurance at the track I don’t have many free weekends for a while, and most of my friends who are still racing are busier than I am.  Its crazy when you have several long weekends in a row at the track; there’s barely time to do laundry, much less do your job and all the other stuff that goes with a ‘life.’ 

And its easy to cut corners.  Not check the air pressure in the trailer tires, not do all your normal security measures, not check the hitch and safety chains and wiring.  And all are a recipe for disaster.  The roads in most of the country are a disaster from the horrible winter we had, and your rigs are taking a real beating.  These roads are like severe tire shake on an alcohol car.  Rather than check things less, you should check them more often.  Once you’re at the track, especially, take some time and go through things.  And when you go home, make sure everything is secure in the trailer, and check it often.  We already had a loss this year where a car got loose in the trailer, damaging both.   And that was down South!

A special note on golf carts.  First, consider installing an automotive ignition switch with a real key.  Carts use universal keys and its easy for someone to take yours for a ride.  Second, every cart should have a master kill switch, just like a race car.  Batteries have caught on fire, and carts have accelerated in the trailer, causing damage and fires.  They’re a necessity at the track but they’re as dangerous as a wolverine in your trailer, so do yourself a favor and de-claw yours!

I hope everyone is having fun and I’m looking forward to meeting more people than ever.  I’m hoping to go a bit West later in the year and see some of my Midwest clients in their natural habitats.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates to where we’ll be.  Be safe out there!!


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