Pride in Ownership

In late February or early March of 1973, I received my first ever copy of National Dragster in the mail. It was the 2nd part of the Winternationals results and it had Steve Woods’ BB/GS Prefect on the cover. Think it might have made an impression on me? I know I still have it, somewhere.
These days I don’t have time to read every edition of ND, but I wish I did; ND has evolved into a great magazine with fantastic photography and interesting features. One of my favorite parts is the ‘Featured Flyers’ section, which highlights a race car of note from a recent event. And one reason I like it so much is that often the Featured Flyer is a car that I insure. I think I have as much pride in the fact its a client’s car as the client does from owning the vehicle.
You didn’t ask if I’m surprised, and the answer is that I’m not. If anything, I think that even more of my many client’s cars should be featured. While many are regular, ‘working’ cars, just as many are metal sculpture; showpieces. I think this contributes to the fact we’re able to insure these cars against so many risks of loss for a very reasonable amount of money. The fact is that most cars are family members, just like people and pets. They’re kept in trailers that could double as operating rooms or live in garages that look like sets for a car-themed TV show. They’re unique and to an extent irreplaceable. And while they’re insured, their owners simply do not want anything to happen to them. That’s the biggest single factor that helps keep us safe from thieves, crazy drivers on the highways, and an often-upset Mother Nature. It also differentiates us from most other forms of motorsports where its expected you’re going to have a run-in with a wall from time to time (but don’t worry, it will ‘buff out’.) And once again, it contributes to the sense of pride that I get from being associated with the sport of drag racing.
So when you read your ND and see that section and you see your friend’s car there, ask them if they know me. Odds are they just might!


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